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Direct Sales in Tango "Vegetable Market"

This is a business model where the comedians living in Kyoto deliver Kyotango's crops and share the agricultural experiences to consumers in order to provide a solution to the ongoing shortage of farmers in Kyotango City in Kyoto and also to solve the problem of disposal of non-standard crops.
disposal of non-standard crops.
Comedians living in Kyoto together with the Farmers (including non-standard products) produced in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture (including Kyotango City) sell them in urban areas such as the Kansai area and Kanto area while promoting agriculture and the region.
Through the involvement of the comedians the voice of the farmers are conveyed to the customers and the comedians share reactions back to the farmers. In addition, the comedians take part in creating a cycle that sell crops and compartment sales via internet by developing “Comedians Farm Fan Club” and “Enjoy Farming Together”.
Comedians Living in Kyoto Prefecture


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