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Truck: All-You-Can-Pack Fujimaru

This is a business that addresses the needs of the aging population in the mountain areas through a mechanism to distribute crops that go waste directly to elderly local residents who find it difficult to go shopping.
Japan is a country with many mountain areas compared to any other country. The proportion of mountain areas is almost 70%. There is a supermarket shortage due to the many mountain areas in the Yamanashi Prefecture making it difficult for the elderly local residents to go shopping. On the other hand, there are lots of elderly farmers who are facing various problems in selling vegetables. As a solution to these problems, the comedians living in Yamanashi Prefecture came up with the idea of the mobile vegetable truck where they go around the prefecture selling vegetables. This has become a great solution to the shortage of supermarkets and to revitalize the local arcades. The elderly farmers are also happy because they are able to sell their products. Comedians utilizing their expertise in PR have been able to deliver products with joy making a difference in the community.
Comedians Living in Yamanashi Prefecture
Pikkari Takagi & Ishi Sotarou


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